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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cypress Falls, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cypress Falls Park on the
North Shore of Vancouver,
offers some impressive views
of Cypress Canyon.

There are a lot of canyons
on the North Shore.
All are impressive for their
display of the sheer
force of water that has carved
its way through solid rock over generations.

In Cypress Canyon, the water
shoots through a narrow rock
chute and plummets
down 10 meters into another set of
falls that in turn, cascade over
another set of rocks, called
Lower Cypress Falls.
If the falls aren't enough to
make you drop your jaw,
then the 400 year old
fir tress are sure to give your
neck a good workout. They are
massive and majestic.

Cypress Falls adjoins
Cypress Provincial Park.
Another lifetime of discoveries
and adventures.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, may I have a copy?

Karen Cooper said...

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