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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Monday, January 12, 2009

Snowfall Record for Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2008

Well, we did it.
Hit a snowfall record.

December 14th -- 11 cms.
December 21st -- 22.4 cms.
December 24th -- 26.2 cms.

I've seen various totals in various news sources.
103 cm's total seems to be about right.

For those of you that think in
inches and feet, that's 41 inches.
I've been told that British Columbians spend
a lot of time talking about the weather, its become a
provincial pastime.
Shoveling snow is now the new provincial sport.
People wonder why we have this kind
of obsession.
Pretty hard not to, I'd say, when your life gets turned
topsy turvy and everyone is trying to cope the best
they can, with what Mother Nature throws at us
from time to time.
It certainly has brought people and
communities closer together.

I'll have to talk to my friends down south
and find out if they complain about too much


Plane Jayne said...

Gorgeous picture.
All the best for 2009!

Karen Cooper said...

Thanks Jayne, all the best in 2009 for you and your family.

S-V-H said...

It looks beautiful, Karen! very nice in B&W... everything is B&W by so much snow :)

Sue's Daily Photography

Karen Cooper said...

Thanks Susanne. Yes, the whole landscape seems to be transformed. I am looking forward to following your new adventures!

ellenmayjoyceasacla said...

Nice shot!

I think better to live and have fun with it than trying to escape it. :)

I added you in my links if you won't mind. Thanks.

Karen Cooper said...

Hi Ellen! I agree, we may as well enjoy and rejoice in it. Thanks so much for the links add.

Anonymous said...

Very nice winter photos. My most recent Blog post was about getting up off the couch and finding winter photo ops (kind of a self-talk). Your shots will inspire me to keep slogging through the cold and snow.

Karen Cooper said...

Hi Lightcentric ...thanks for your comments. It is hard to go out in the cold and snow when it nice and toasty inside, but the scenery is not with us long. Hope you are getting some great shots.