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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chiquimula Rodeo, Chiqimula, Guatemala

Chiquimula is home to a big rodeo here in Guatemala. Cowboys from Costa Rica, USA, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador all come to compete in the latest bull riding techniques.
This is a huge event in Chiquimula. The ladies are dressed in their finest tight-tight jeans and cropped shirts. The men all have the latest in western hats and belt buckles. And some even carry side firearms. Which are legal here with a permit I am told. Must be for those pesky stray critters that wander out at night.
The bull riding event is very intense...with lots of cheering for the favorite rider. The bulls just look hot and annoyed and want the whole thing over with. I can't blame them for looking ticked off. It's hot in Chiquimula in the afternoon. And dusty. Everything usually gets done is the cool afternoons or evenings. The fair goes on till the wee wee hours. Lots of bright colours and wonderful smells of summers-gone-by.
And cows.