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Thursday, July 12, 2007

San Pedro La Laguna, Solola, Guatemala

Guatemala is an amazing country. It´s so chock full of history that everywhere you look, another photo op takes place.

Most of the local people in this area are Mayan, and speak an ancient dialect called Tzutujil, usually as a first language. Spanish and English are also spoken by a lot of people that deal with tourism.

So I took the plunge and signed up for Spanish lessons. After two weeks of thinking I am getting too old for this kind of thing, I can put a sentence together and almost make others understand me. The subtle differences in certain words makes for some fun times. Today I said ... I can go swimming in the Chicken Bus. When you see what a chicken bus is it´s actually pretty funny. So, I am learning. Good thing the Guatemalans have a great sense of humour. And I can laugh at myself.

The history of the peoples here is nothing short of astounding. Everything is somehow connected to life .. and you can see this even in your walks around the town. Most of the interconnected pathways to property and homes are worn paths. Used by every footed and hoofed critter you can image. And what every footed and hoofed creature does naturally when nature calls. Makes for an interesting waterway in the heavy rainfall.

I´m still absorbing the culture. I am still getting used to not having the internet at my fingertips when I want it. But I saw emerald green hummingbirds today that took your breath away when their feathers hit the sunlight. They come within inches of you and think nothing of it. I´ve seen small children who play with marbles in dusty streets and are happier than any children I have ever seen playing games on the computer. There are lessons to be learnt here. Big ones.

Life. It sure makes you wonder what is really important and what we should be making our priorities are. Even if I have to go swimming in a chicken bus to learn.


WAHM said...

Hi, Thanks for leaving me a nice comment in my Blog Catalog. Love your travel shots too - are you a photographer? I definitely have to visit Vancouver someday :) I'm a travel freak too :)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

:lol: I have been learning Spanish too. I often say things that just make the people I work with fall on the floor laughing. I am teaching them English at the same time and often have revenge. Did you take any flower or plant pictures in Guatemala ?

travelphilippines said...

hehe i thought it was taken in one of the town here in the philippines. the town name was San Pedro Laguna. hehe anyway its my first time here and you have a great pictures.