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Monday, May 7, 2007

Hayward Lake Recreation Area, British Columbia, Canada

Hayward Lake Recreation Area is a nice 45 minute drive from Vancouver. It's between Maple Ridge and Mission. Near a small community called Ruskin.

This is part of the Old Railroad Trail, which is approx 6 kms long. There are signs up now that the trail is closed. Oops -- guess I forgot to read that on the way in.

Since Hayward Lake is part of the hydoelectric sytem, it's not really a great idea to venture into the water here. I know it looks inviting. Unless you want to get sucked through the hyrdo dam and have the ride of your life, its best to obey the signs. Some signs I do actually take to heart.

The sun came out today for some nice shots. Good thing since I was going to start snapping away come rain or high water .. didn't get the high water but I love this trail anyway.

The view from the highway in to the parking lot is breathtaking. You guessed it, I was so busy gaping I missed the turn and had to do a big loop back through some pretty spectacular forest area.

Getting sidetracked can be a lot of fun since I did run across another area I need to check out on another sunny day. I can only fit so much into one day ... sad but true.


Cheryl said...

Ohh...that looks like a beautiful place to be! I love retreats such as that.

Doug said...

What beautiful spot.

paisley said...

diamond,,, your pictures are spectacular,,, and the words are a sweet narration... thank you so much... please share all of it... i have read that those of us with any ????? in our past are not really being welcomed into your great country any more... and your view may be the only one i ever have ... thank you so much...

Dawn said...

Your blog has lovely photos. You're extremely talented!
Well done!


RennyBA said...

One work like you said cover it all up: Breath taking! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful place in that great park!

Vi'S said...

beautiful pic @^_^@

Suray said...

Nice photo on your post Pal. Go for it.


Sophiagurl said...

gorgeous pictures! =)