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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Friday, March 16, 2007

Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, B.C.

Lions Gate Bridge connects the City of Vancouver to North Vancouver and West Vancouver. I know it's confusing. You should live here.

There is a City of North Vancouver and a District of North Vancouver. I'm kind of lost when it comes to West Vancouver, is it a city or a district? Whatever ... it's still a beautiful part of the city.

Lions Gate Bridge, or the official name First Narrows Bridge, is a suspension bridge that crosses Burrard Inlet. The Second Narrows Bridge I mentioned in a previous article on how to get to Deep Cove. The whole waterway under these 2 bridges is called Burrard Inlet. Slowly the picture is becoming clearer, no?

This photo of the bridge is taken from the seawall at Stanley Park. The carriageway in Stanley Park passes right over the Lions Gate Bridge, with some pretty spectacular views of the traffic and the bridge itself. Up close and personal. Wave at the drivers going by. Take some photos.

The bridge itself has reversible lanes, meaning one day you could be going north in this lane, the next day you may be going south. You have to watch the lane lights. Forgetting to do that can make for some very messy traffic tie-ups. Lane lights are not to be confused with traffic lights -- which are also red and green. It's not difficult once you've done it.

If you want to drive around Vancouver for sightseeing and relaxation, try and avoid the rush hour traffic over the Lions Gate. It gets snarly and tied up. Unless you like snarly, tied up traffic, then by all means have a go.

The sheer expanse and beautiful lines of this bridge keep me coming back to see what mood she chooses to display. The fog and rain make for some very spooky images, and when the sun shines and the sky is blue, it is simply breathtaking. At night she is dressed in all her finery and looks simply dazzling.

No matter where she comes from or goes to, what she shares with us is her beauty and grace. Even rain and fog enhance her good looks.

Nothing can beat a classy bridge.