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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Persephone - The Logging Tug

Anyone who lives in BC is
familiar with the forestry 
industry of our province.
One of the TV shows that made this
BC lifestyle famous was
"The Beachcombers" from the 1970's.
The steel logging tug that became a
favorite on the show is called 
"The Persephone". Built as
   the "John Henry"  in 1965 she
was chartered by CBC 
Television and renamed "Persephone".

The steel tugs of this era
were built tough to handle 
the hard life and rough
sea conditions along
the British Columbia coast. 
that were slow, strong and 
seaworthy, they became part
of our BC history. They are
cherished by many who worked on
and with them and their
seaworthiness saved countless
lives from the fate of a sometimes
ill tempered ocean.

The "Persephone" still graces
her birthplace of Gibsons
on the Sunshine Coast,
the perfect resting place
for this grand lady of the sea.