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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Friday, June 17, 2016

Best Places to Visit in B.C. - Steveston

Steveston is a beautiful historic fishing village
which has long been a salmon
canning centre in British Columbia.
Steveston was the world's busiest
deep water fishing port
at the end of the 20th century, dotted
with 15 fish canneries, hotels, saloons,
and gambling dens.

preserved canning facility that can 
be toured to gain a better understanding
of our Pacific Northwest fishing history.

another must see site in Steveston.
The boardwalks here reflect the voices of
Japanese, Chinese, Native Indian,
and European immigrants, as well
as sailors from around the world.
As you slowly wander through the sights 
and sounds of Steveston
you can hear
the cries of seagulls, eagles,
and hushed echoes of the past.
Or was I only imaging the past
cries of fishermen who loved the
sea and make their homes along
her shores?