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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Best Places to See in BC - The Alaska Highway

Mile "0" of the Alaska Highway begins
in Dawson Creek, BC.
Construction started on the highway during World War II
to connect Alaska to the United States through Canada.
Completed in 1942, it stretched 2,700 km. 
Due to reconstruction and repair today the highway is actually
2,232 km and ends in Delta Junction, Alaska.
The first 987 km (613 miles)
are constructed through British Columbia.

You can still find historic mile postings along the highway
and the Canadian metric system has warranted the change to
signposts being in kilometers. Most residents along the highway
refer to their location as "mile x along the highway".

The history of the Alaska Highway is one of heroism and
  determination. I visited the 
There is a fascintaing
display of old photographs taken from the road building era at the
The Alaska Highway should be on everyone's
"must visit while in BC" list.