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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best Places to See in BC - Wild Huckleberries

Unless you crawl around in
the bush a lot, most of us don't
even know what wild huckleberries
look like much less taste like.

British Columbia is chock full of
these delectable goodies.
There are 2 varieties,
red and blue.
These are the red ones and are
quite tart, but you soon get used
to the pop of the juicy wild flavor
on your tongue after eating a few of them.

Summer in BC is the time for reaping the
abundance of Mother Nature, whether
it be the wild berries that grown along the
mountain hillsides or the cultivated berries
and fruits that abound here.

Sometimes the best sense to
experience BC with is the palate!

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from fabulous British Columbia
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Unknown said...

Karen, thanks! I always wondered what those berries were!