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~~Karen Cooper~~

BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vancouver During the 2010 Olympics

Vancouver has been bathed in sunshine and warm temperatures
over the last week. Awesome
weather for the Olympics.

I am discovering the world of small.
Not just tiny, but really small.
The bright sunlight is making my discoveries
into the world of small even
more magical.
Take moss, for instance.
We rarely pay this humble plant
much attention as we walk along
the paving stones of life.
Not only is it a tough little plant,
its also beautiful and resilient.
Bounces right back. Happy as can be.

I think life is like the tiny moss plant.
The Olympic Games are bringing together peoples
of many nations
to participate and enjoy
the big world that Vancouver has to offer.
We will be here long after the Olympic dreams
and aspirations have moved on to other countries and
other times in history.

And the tiny moss will be here long after man
has traveled the pathway that is life.
Resilient, strong and ever adaptable.

Mother Nature is a great teacher.


Stephanie V said...

Well said. Moss is an undersung hero most of the time. And we do moss so well here in Vancouver. It's slowly taking over what is left of our lawn...I think moss is a sensible alternative to high-maintenance grass.

Robin said...

Love the shot! I am so happy when things begin to grow again. We had a great winter and looks like we shall have a great spring as well.
How could have it been better for all our visitors!