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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunflowers of Summer

Being so busy back in a big city again, I realized what I have been missing is the smell of nature.

I forget how amazing summer can smell. Walking around the local community garden, my senses got treated to the most luscious array of nose pleasers.

From the hot, dusty earth smell of straw in bales, to the gentle caress of tomatoes ripening on the vine. Even zucchinis plumping themselves up for the table have a delicious come-and-see-me aroma to them. Their smell beckons you into the midst of their own enjoyment of summer.

I feel refreshed and revitalized after touching this part of what Mother Nature chooses to share with us. Add the colours to the aromas, and I have that downright glad-to-be-alive feel again.

Everyone needs to take a walk and smell summer. And feel that, no matter what, all is well in the world of nature.


Susanne49 said...

Pretty sunflowers, Karen! I love sunflowers too. :-)

DiamondVVV1 said...

Thanks Susanne ... one of my favorites and guaranteed to brighten up your day! :)

Chrisss said...

Welcome back. I enjoy your entries and the wongerful photos.

DiamondVVV1 said...

Thanks Chrisss ... BC is such an incredible place to photograph.

Fibro Viv said...

I love this photograph because it makes me smile and appreciate nature. Sometimes nature has a way of bringing out the positive aspects of our life.

Thanks for reminding us to enjoy nature and how it can help us feel refreshed and revitalized.

Fibro Viv

Fifty States Travel said...

flowers are one of my best subject to photograph, nice shot of the sunflower

visiting here, reading your cool postings of places