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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Plants of Central America

Bougainvillea is such an odd name for such a beautiful plant. I never get tired of seeing all the various shades and colours of this flower in all its glorious settings. There are hotels and resorts borrowing its name to describe their properties. Understandably.

There are a lot of plants here that are used for medicinal purposes. Everything from a reported cure for cancer to treating skin conditions.

I've even discovered a whole branch of science I never knew existed. Ethnobotany, which studies the relationship between plants and cultures. When I look at the intricacies of life and its inter reactions, I feel humbled and proud all at the same time. And develop a hunger to know more about this incredible world we live in.


Susanne49 said...

Yes, Bougainvilleas are beautiful plants with that so intensive reds!

We had in Key West a lot of bushes with in red, pink and white color blooming bougainvilleas.

Nice photo Karen.

Footsteps said...

"Ethnobotany." New word and science for me, too...

I do love bougainvilleas (which are noticeable absent in my plant zone1)... Lovely photo!