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Monday, December 24, 2007

A Day In The Life!

I came home to my rented house yesterday to find a man talking rapidly in Spanish and very excited on my doorstep. After I politely explained in my rudimentary Spanish that I don't speak Spanish, he went away. I went into my back yard to find the coconut tree on fire. Then I spotted a man in the mango tree picking all the mangoes. Since the yard is a fortress I have no idea how he got into the tree. Walking back into the house to find some Spanish speaking help, I hear this gawd-awful noise coming from the down spout ... an iguana had fallen into it and couldn't get himself out.

I put the coconut tree fire out with a bucket of water from a barrel (did I mention that the water supply goes out nearly every day?!), never could find out how the guy got up the mango tree but he swung onto the neighbors tree so I figured that problem solved itself, and I (hopefully) flushed the iguana down the drain and onto the street (did I mention that all the drains empty onto the streets here?!)

A Very Merry Christmas To You And Yours!


Susanne in Key West said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU, Karen. I wish you more such interesting happenings and a very good and fun NEW YEAR!

Thanks for your friendship and for all the great posts in this year to share with me. Take care!

Vic Grace said...

You certainly are having a more exciting Christmas than we are. It is a beautiful sunny day and the snow is glistening all the right things. Very quiet though. Have a Merry Christmas

Cariboo Ponderer

Ann (MobayDP) said...

I absolutely love your photos of the cathedrals of Granada!

Can you tell me what Granada is like in the Spring? Is it a good time to visit?

Myself said...

Thanks All!

Hi Ann .. I think it is spring in Granada now. Temps are in the mid to high 20's C, cooler at night. Beautiful blue skies and a nice breeze. I hear it gets hotter in March and April, summer perhaps?

oldgeezer said...

Sounds like you have an interesting life. Happy New Year.

Angie said...

Wish I were here! Looks warm and lovely!

BTW, how did the coconut tree catch of fire?

Julia said...

I think "I went into my back yard to find the coconut tree on fire" is the funniest sentence I've read in months.

Your "day" sounds like a lot of fun!

JD at I Do Things So You Don't Have To

Myself said...

Hi Angie .. well apparently the fellow that was up the mango tree stealing the mangoes was getting stung by wasps, so he started a stick on fire to burn them out, the wasp nest fell into the coconut and tree and the rest is history .. honest, I don't make this stuff up. Life just gives it to me to write about.

kotybear said...

LOL! Sounds like you had quite a Christmas!!!