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BC, Rain and Waterfalls

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sea To Sky Highway

Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada

The Sea to Sky Highway, a 102 km stretch of road from Vancouver to Whistler, BC, is being upgraded for the 2010 Olympics. This shot was taken by Porteau Cove today, looking west towards Whistler.
Lots of heavy equipment, lots of delays. If you're a patient person and can play Suduko in your car, then this is the road for you.
There are whole hills coming down to make room for the new road. Hard to imagine a whole hill and everything on it vanishing .... There are "Danger Blast Area" signs right next to lovely bubbling creeks cascading down the mountain. Now you just gotta know that the blast is gonna hurt the ears on some poor fish trying to make its back up the creeks to spawn. Must be really annoying to them.
The ocean scenery is still spectacular, can't really ruin that part of Mother Nature. Makes you want to cry at the sheer beauty of it all.
Better to watch the road than the scenery, though that is almost impossible to do. Going over one of those roadside "stops" is guaranteed to mess up something outside and inside your vehicle. Forget Suduko ... buy wings.
Go out and make yourself an awesome day .... since you have the power to do so ... why not?